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About us

We offer you a unique solution for modern business - Bitrix24. Our platform combines powerful tools for project management, employee communication, and business process automation.

Why choose Bitrix24?

One platform

Manage projects, communicate with colleagues and clients, and automate routine tasks - all in one place.

Safety comes first

Your data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Cloud solution

Flexibility and accessibility anytime, anywhere - work efficiently even on the go.

Bitrix24 features


A virtual office for your company to work, communicate and collaborate - at home or in the office.

Video calls and conferences in HD

Create conferences for up to 48 participants, chat for unlimited time, record conversations, and customise the background to your liking.


Private and group chats are a quick and easy way to discuss ideas and share files.

Working time tracking

Your team can start, pause, and end the working day using the built-in online timer in Bitrix24.


Bitrix24 CRM is a digital complex for customer management, customer support and marketing automation, which includes customer management and marketing functions.

Bringing in potential customers

Generate leads through a variety of channels, such as web forms, chats, phone calls, or social media, and automatically include them in your CRM system.

Lead management

Use our built-in lead scoring tool to highlight the leads you should be focusing on and automatically assign them.

Sales automation

Dozens of rules and triggers for automating sales and marketing processes will help you save time and resources.

Tasks & Projects

Starting a project is very easy thanks to the online project management tools in Bitrix24. Create a working group, add team members, define their roles, and start assigning tasks.

Load management

Monitor project activity, receive progress reports, and distribute your workload more evenly.

Task templates and automation

Save time on repetitive tasks by automating them (e.g., a "daily SEO report").

Visual project management

Create Gantt charts, customised Kanban boards, and many other visuals to effectively display your project process.

Sites & Stores

A template-based website builder that allows you to create beautiful websites, landing pages, and online stores.

Website builder

Choose one of our industry-specific templates and build your own website without any coding skills.

Online store

Easily create and publish your own online store. Monitor sales, manage inventory, and receive payments.

SEO readiness

Your websites are pre-optimised and easy to search engine optimise with minimal setup on your part.

HR & Automation

An online business automation package that helps you manage your team and workflows in the most efficient way.

Online time tracking and reports

Track working hours, create reports on employee productivity and efficiency.

Automation of personnel management

Optimise your business processes and workflows by using automation to make efficient use of time and resources.

Personal data and analytics

Get simple and intuitive reports on employee performance, as well as a handy employee directory for more detailed analysis and personnel management.

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